Monday, September 3, 2012

How to clean up a wet mess

While I don't hang up awesome visuals around and about the studio classroom to encourage and instruct how to clean up I very much expect EVERY SINGLE STUDENT to have working knowledge and ability to be able to clean up a "wet mess" that might be that of paint, glue, water, etc. etc. etc. Here is a demonstration I do to help them learn how to do it in the most efficient way I have found to do it...

Our motto for how to take care of a wet mess?

Dry to Wet,
Damp to clean-up!

We repeat it so much it is hard to forget and if ever there is a question of what to do when a mess happens, I always ask the following...
  1. Is it Wet? Then it needs something DRY to make it less wet.
  2. Is it Dry? Then use something DAMP to clean it up!
Easy-peasy! I hope you can use it in your classroom too. *high five*

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