Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lesson Idea: All Creatures Great and Small | 2D Design

This work was done almost three semesters ago by the 2D art and design students and I never got around to sharing it with you all! While it didn't pan out entirely as I had planned it would, I feel like the final works are still interesting and provided a great in depth study of lots of the principles of design and elements of art. I called this project endeavor "All Creatures Great and Small" since the subject matter was animals.

The inspiration of this project endeavor came from Heather Galler's Art on etsy. Clearly the students saw what Ms. Galler did and took a whole lot of creative liberties but I didn't have the heart to tell them not to be quite so ambitious and adventurous.

The students worked on poster board support and then used solvent based pens and markers to draw and color each of their works. I stressed the importance of using the positioning and arrangements of the patterns in order to show correct form as much as possible.

I don't know that I will be doing this assignment again but it was a good final assessment to be able to evaluate a myriad of skills and knowledge built up through a whole semester of 2D Design study. If I were to revisit this idea, I would change it by using bristol board (vellum texture) instead of doing the cheap poster board I hand-cut and used only because so much drawing, patterning, and drawing really broke down the rigidity of the cheap poster board (I buy in bulk) over time.

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