Friday, October 25, 2013

Giving YOU the good stuff :: Prang Marker Giveaway

Thanks so much for sticking with me through this week of belated Dixon Ticonderoga's Prang product reviews. As promised in all of my reviews, I have a giveaway for you of my most favorite Prang product that I was so blessed to have try this week. And it is? The markers!!!


Just to be completely clear, this is not a giveaway sponsored by Prang (meaning: they did not give this to me to giveaway) and rather it was inspired by my experience with all of the Prang products that I reviewed. Also, to clarify things, I did not review the fine line markers but I do own them at my home studio (shared with my 5 yo daughter) and I made the decision to buy them for our supply inventory because of my very positive experience with the Prang broad tipped markers.

Anyway, I am giving away the 96-set of Prang fine line markers just as you see them above to anyone who wants them whether you are an art teacher, working artist, homeschooling teacher, etc.

Here's how you enter to win them! Leave a comment on this posting telling me the following: 
What was your favorite product from Prang/Dixon Ticonderoga that I reviewed this week and why?

And that's it. That's all you have to do. You don't have to tweet anything or follow me on any social networking conduits. Just answer that question in the comments below and then I will pick a winner randomly next Friday. That means if you missed this whole week of of reviews and and need to go back and read them all then you have time to do that and then still enter the contest!

For your convenience, here are links to all of the reviews that I did this week:

And that's that! It's been a long while since I have done a giveaway on here and I hope that this isn't the last one for a long while but it honestly all depends on you! If it seems that you all are receptive, perhaps I can manage to do some more and more often. Remember! You have until next Thursday at midnight to enter the contest and I will announce the winner next Friday, November 1, 2013 at 7am Eastern Standard Time. 


  1. I liked your review of the colored pencils. Loved how you did side by side comparisons.

  2. Prang watercolors are my favorite palette style watercolors. The colors are richer and have a better consistency than Rose Art and Crayola for me. Thanks for the opportunity to win the markers!

  3. Loved the marker review! I thought it was pretty clever that you left the caps off to test them!! :)

  4. Surprisingly enough, the pencil review was my favorite one. I never put much stock into WalMart's brands for anything other than food before, but you've given me pause to re-think that one a bit. Also thoroughly loved the open marker challenge - never thought to test that one but then again, I don't have kids around me much!

  5. The pencil review was quite helpful! And your reviews were almost scientifically thorough! ;)

  6. The open marker test! How clever was that? I like Prang products but I never thought to test one against the other. Thanks for doing all the work!

  7. I like the Prang watercolors and after 15 years teaching, that's the only watercolor I order. But I came to that with my own prejudices already. I enjoyed the Ticonderoga pencil article because I've been feeling that they just aren't as good as they used to be - but maybe my memory is getting a little faulty. Anyway, I appreciate your reviews.


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