Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tried and True :: iPhone Apps I am "hearting"

Happy Valentine's day!!!  

Today I bring you tidings of love in the form of iPhone apps that I have come to both know AND looooooove. Basically, here's some reviews of apps that I have been using almost daily. Hope you are having a great day and this is useful to you...

[ Photo Editing ]

Not really sure how I stumbled upon this one but I have had it for about a month now and it is AWESOME. While I have quite a few digital cameras that I could use to photograph things for this blog, I have become quote lazy and relied almost solely on the one that I have on my iPhone. (It's actually not a bad camera in all honesty.) That being said? There is always the issue of the fact that even though my iPhone has a decent enough camera, there is usually always something I want to do to tweak the image before I post it here for you all. Enter the Aviary app!!! 

It is free but if you want to purchase the plug-in extras it's not that expensive and the return on your small investment is huge from what I have estimated so far. For the record, I don't use the plug-ins and it's been enough for me to do things like adjust sharpness, bump contrast, saturate/desaturate colors, etc. etc. It's pretty user friendly and intuitive with it's interface/navigation design and I can even do things like take pictures during school and then edit them while I sit in a steamy bathtub (TMI? Sorry...) at the end of the day when I otherwise would be relaxing. (Seriously? Editing pictures can be relaxing for me sometimes. It's no wonder that I am stressed though, right? Understatement of the decade. *sigh*) Anyway, try out Aviary! It's worth the download and you might find yourself ditching out on you other cameras for your phone camera like I have been doing.

[ Fanciful way to quote things ]

I used to be a little bit of non-participator of the whole business of posting word art/typography on my instagram stream - and I was even slightly annoyed when I came across the like - but I have since changed my mind about it all because I have found an typography app that actually employs great design as much as the app just IS well design. It's called InstaQuote and it, too, is F-R-E-E!!!

Here are two samples of what I have already done with it...

 You can see that the templates really do offer some very beautiful design just as they are because all I did was enter in the text I wanted and then tweak the scale, color, justification, and emphasis as I felt was necessary. It's not that often that I have to do anything more than just use what is ready-made and that's one of my favorite things about InstaQuote that has convinced me not to be a "hater" of text/quote as image sharing.

[ Social Networking ]
 Next up is the social media conduit that is Instagram!!!! Now, to be fair, I have professed my love of instagram plenty that I feel like it shouldn't even be included on this list because my "love affair" with it goes far beyond just me loving it - let's be honest it borders obsession - but still, I thought it would be worth mentioning anyway. I have recently made some very significant connections by way of Instagram alone (and I will expand upon this soon enough because it is SO cool!!!) and I am such a huge fan of this social network that I have abandoned by Facebook and Twitter because this does so much more of what I feel like social networking SHOULD do. And again? It's FREE!!!!
It has got some awesome very simple photo editing/filtering capacity within the app itself and unless the automatic square cropping bothers you? Well... try and just get past that. (Seriously.) All sorts of self-publishing businesses have stared aligning themselves with Instagram and so you can now get your snaps published in bound books, stretched onto canvases for the purposes of wall art, and even printed onto device cases!!! So... YEAH. Instagram is awesome in so many ways and if you want to connect by way of it's power, my username is DreamPrayCreate.

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