Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm pretty sure this has what has made me so "off" these days.

I can't concentrate these days and lately I hardly even want to come to work. This isn't because I hate my job or anything but more because it has recently been discovered that my daughter - my four and a half year old daughter - has been the victim of bullying at her preschool.


It seems hard to believe, y'know? The fact that bullying is happening at a Pre-K level and to a child who isn't even five years old yet - it just seems like it couldn't possibly be real. As it happens though, it's very real and it has been very damaging to my little girl and all I can think about lately is what I can do to stop it as soon as possible. The preschool where she goes is pretty small and the staff has done their best to work with us but as it happens, it seems the problem children - there are just a few cannot seem to be dealt with appropriately in order for the bullying behavior to stop.

We have been doing our best to monitor the state of things day-to-day with my daughter but yesterday it got to the point that I feel like was the tipping point for me. My husband had picked up my daughter and when they got home he said to me that he had a very disturbing conversation with her where she reported that one of the kids in her class had told her that he was going to flush her down the toilet. She seemed only mildly concerned with it because she is pretty naive and unassuming naturally and very much takes things literally so if something doesn't make sense to her she sometimes can blow it off but that doesn't change the fact that to me and my husband - both of us being teachers with quite a bit of experience at this point - this along with all of the other things she has experienced seems to be continuing escalated behavior for concern on our end. I guess at least my daughter isn't trying to tell me that she is ugly or stupid anymore or having nightmares where she is a "ghost" and all of the other kids are "going away from [her]."

So... if I have seemed less than focused on this blog, it's because this is a major thing that is occupying me. Bear with me and trust that I am praying about this and I know that the Lord is going to deliver providence in this situation but it will happen in His time and so far I am doing my best to figure out what the answers are that He wants me to know.

I will be around but it might end up being sporadic so just wanted to let you all know. Thanks so much.

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  1. Oh no! I will be praying for you. Stay strong! Remember, family is way more important than any blog. ;)


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