Tuesday, August 14, 2012

iPlan with Keynote: 2D Design presentation

Here is the quicktime movie of the 2D Design presentation I will show on the first day of 2D Design class.

Some of the content within the presentation was not originated by me but proper credit will be given in the narration I provide when I give the presentation to my classes. If you see anything that you have done within my presentation PLEASE accept my gratitude for providing me with such great inspiration to draw from and include and share with my students. Your brilliance will be nothing less than a great springboard for them to create their own amazing works of art.

2DDesign1stDay from dreampraycreate on Vimeo.

Some things I tried to do within the presentation were the following:
  • I really REALLY wanted to not only tell but show what I wanted them to understand. I was very intentional with the images that I used.
  • I didn't want to overload them with information but provide just enough that would probe them to think on their own.
  • I wanted to use only examples of 2D artwork and as many masterworks as I could because I seriously subscribe to the belief that some of the best learning is that done from those who really REALLY know how to do it!
  • I really REALLY wanted to use visual art vocabulary straight away so that they start getting used to hearing it and start get used to applying it and using it. 
  • I absolutely wanted to kick off the class with not only a thought-provoking experience that would *hopefully* inspire very natural discussions and questioning but also catapult them into creative processes that would lead swiftly into an art activity that could be done as soon as the presentation was over. 
So there's my 2D Design's first day of class plans. Come back and visit me tomorrow and I will have 3D Design's first day of class presentation as well with Graphic Design's to follow the next day.

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