Tuesday, August 21, 2012

But I LIKE reinventing the wheel!!!

Tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!

I have been working diligently with unpacking and sorting and reorganizing and repurposing and REINVENTING systematic approaches to my curriculum and instruction for this year. I suppose I could call myself a 6th year teacher but I feel like if I assume that I "know it all" then I could become stagnant and redundant in the classroom instead of being FRESH and INNOVATIVE the way I always want to be. For this reason? I am going to think of myself as a first year teacher this year.

All of this in mind, I made some videos sharing what I came out of many of those boxes that I unpacked last week but for whatever reason, I could not get them to publish on the web to share them. Oh well. God had a different plan in mind and I made another video today and so that's the one I am sharing with you below. The topic classroom management and clean-up when it comes to student paint palette set-ups, classroom stewardship/responsibilities of the students, and a fun little thing I am doing to help keep some good and fun rapport with my students.

And that is that! I have queued up a rather personal/near and dear to my heart type of posting for tomorrow since it is the first day of school and I won't be so available to blog but I will definitely try and pop on here and share with you some of how the first day went for me within the week.

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