Friday, January 6, 2012

And so it ends and thus it begins

Hard to believe but I am only a week away from the end of the semester with all of my classes. That means I will be bidding farewell to both my graphic design and 2D design student artists.

I'm mostly pleased with how I kept to my project schedule aligned with the school calendar days even despite cancellations and delays for weather related issues and such things. My goal is to do project change ups every two weeks for the studio classes and every week for the digital ones and I wasn't able to keep up with that entirely for the studio classes but two projects that we did manage (out of six) were quite challenging so I think it's fair that we didn't make it to the total of eight projects for the semester that I always plan for.

The 2D students are wrapping things up with a bit of a "back pocket" idea that the amazing Mr. E originated and shared over on his blog, because the just barely week and a half I have left of class time with them is hardly adequate for us to start and finish something entirely new.

I don't do exams for any of my classes and always try to pick a project that can cap everything off and serve as a good assessment for application what they have learned during the whole semester. The original lesson plan idea from Mr. E presents this as something that elementary level students can do so I upped the complexity for my high school students by giving them a greater surface area of which to do this - they each have poster board that is 22"x28" - as well as a slightly time crunch for them to work within. They're greatest challenge is to manage their time very carefully and not socialize too much as well as investing themselves in having the most refined and polished technique possible. I'm very delighted to report that they are LOVING this sort of "advanced" coloring project of sorts.

My graphic design students are working on a project that is not originally done in photoshop and is VERY challenging since they really have to break the original idea down and figure out how to do it in photoshop. I have provided no tutorial whatsoever and am basically helping each of them navigate the waters of deconstructing and reconstructing their ideas so they can be created with the skillsets they have actively built for themselves in this semester.

I'm wrapping things up for myself by trying my best to catch up on all of the grading and gallery hanging that so desperately needs to be down with all of the terrific marking period two student work as well as trying to get everything set for me to be ready to start graduate studies in ten days. *phew* Next semester, in addition to my own school, I will be teaching Digital Studio/Illustrator (so basically the next course after graphic design/photoshop in the course catalog) and then 3D Design and Interactive Art History. I've cut back on some of my photography freelancing but I still have a few engagement shoots that will prep me for weddings starting in the summer. Just thinking about all of it right now makes my head feel like it might pop off and shoot straight up into the sky. :-p I'd say this calls for a Dr. Pepper break! :)

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