Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lesson idea: Type portraits

These pieces of student work are from the first semester Graphic Design classes and they used Photoshop CS2 to create them. This idea came on the tail end of studying fonts and typography and the goal was to use text as texture and lines versus rather than just to convey messages. The students were instructed to pick individuals to illuminate with type and text so that the picture said something about the individual as much as it showed something about them. The students balked at this project idea initially when I showed them examples to draw inspiration from because they assumed it was too hard but once they worked on them for a little while and let go of the need to make the portraits look EXACTLY like the person, they become a lot more creative and comfortable with the idea that the portrait was meant to be stylized more than exact.

I don't have exact lesson plans for this but the way I suggest you do this in your classroom is to have the kids select a picture to render from and put it on the lowest layer of the document and then adjust the opacity on the stacking layers to "trace" around the major features of the subject with you lines of text.

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