Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just for fun: Amigurumi (-ing) aka Soft sculpturing

For the past few weeks I have been doing some informal art instruction after school...

In my spare time... well... in the spare time that I used to have a lot more of, I taught myself how to crochet to be able to do soft sculpturing in the style of Amigurumi for both my own amusement AND to make toys and funny hats for my kid. Some of my students have seen some of my crochet stylings and they have been asking all year long that I teach them how to soft sculpture. Well, I finally bit the proverbial crochet hook (pardon the horrible joke, I am certainly not a master of either words or wit. I teach art. Cut me some slack.) and agreed to do an informal crochet club (drop-in style) to teach people how to make turtles like that pictured above.

It's going OK and I actually have a reasonable representation of the male students in the group but they are certainly not doing a great job at practicing outside of our Tuesday and Thursday afterschool crocheting time so none of them are making great strides as far as actually making the turtle. I have a reasonable amount of experience and I can make a turtle in a flat two hours but that's if I sit down and just crochet nonstop. I estimated it would take the students about two weeks considering their school work and extra-curricular activity commitments and spring sports and etc. etc. etc.

There are maybe six more meetings (MAYBE) of crocheting with the students and I don't know if they will make it? But I guess they could just keep working on this with the help of youtube videos at home or we could continue next year.

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