Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You're invited to see the student gallery!

Thought you might like a video tour of the student gallery space at my school.

Pardon the lack of "presence" I have in front of the camera. (I'm a visual arts teacher NOT a performing arts teacher, remember?) I much prefer to be behind the camera/scenes so if the tour and explanations of things seem kind of unclear or confusing or just plain awkward it's because I was (sort of) trying to get through the video and get done with it already. ;)

Just to clarify: In the video I stated that the lack of student name plates was for "privacy reasons" and I meant that for showing this on the blog and NOT for every day purposes. All of the students get credit for the work they do in the gallery but I simply didn't hang the name plates for the video.

Additionally, all of the student work is (for the most part) prepared and hung/displayed by two student leaders - our visual arts prefect and the president of the Art club - but they've both been saddled with a LOT of work for the visual arts department of late so yesterday I was the one who prepared all of the work and hung everything you see from the ceiling, down the windowside, and also in the alcove space.

We try to change out student work on a quarterly basis but sometimes pieces end up being rotated through on exactly that time table since (when school is regularly in session) it can take a couple of weeks to take things down, prepare new pieces, and then new things up. This week is Spring Break for the school so nobody is on campus except myself and one other person on staff (our incredible resident handy/maintenance fellow) and this definitely makes it a lot easier to do things like have a "gallery day" the way I did yesterday and will continue to do today.

So that's it. That's the student gallery and perhaps I will give you a tour of the art room some time in the future. :)

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