Monday, October 27, 2014

How the Walker System saved the student art gallery (and my sanity)

Gotta love when I can review something and like it enough to say lots of good things about it. If you're an art teacher (or gallery manager) who has a love/hate relationship with displaying artwork, you gotta see this!!! 

Don't mean to just put product reviews on here or even videos but I'm having such a good time figuring out iMovie as I've never really used it before. Also, videos are just kind of easier for me to do over written blog content. *shrug* Just tryin' to keep it real. ;)


  1. On a completely non-art note, I LOVE your glasses! Super cute frames. Also love the iMovie idea. :-) ~Sarah

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I think I got them at Lenscrafters and they were even on the cheaper end. I've had them for a while now and I even have a less "funky" pair for times when I should be a little more conservative but I haven't worn them yet - and I've had plenty of conservative frames to do so. :)


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