Monday, April 15, 2013

Beantown on my mind

Just heard the news of what happened in Boston and it is taking everything I have not to break down in tears in front of my almost five year old. I don't want to have to explain myself because I know I can't even to begin with. Why, oh Lord, does this keep happening?

I'm not from Boston but I do have some connections enough to it for me to feel something because of what happened. It's just devastating to think about the fact that this has happened to Boston and then for all of those marathoners? I have so much respect for marathoners and what they do and to think that so many of them might not ever be able to run again - either because they physically can't or because their hearts and the tragedy of this will not permit them to - I can't even begin to imagine how this has all devastated them.

[Updated: Here is some history behind the Boston Marathon that makes it so significant to begin with - another blogger wrote this and explained things very well]

I am praying for Boston and I am also praying for these senseless acts to cease and desist already.

Lord Jesus Christ... save us all from this mess that is being made. Please. Come quickly.

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