Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bye-bye Google Reader!

So... if you didn't know already... Google Reader is about to become a fondly spoken of and awfully missed thing of the internet past. (Have you noticed that the link to it has even disappeared from the navigational link lineup already?) I don't remember where I originally found out about this but there have been at least four other art ed blogs that have already brought it up and started the process of figuring out how to contend with the problem that a life without Google Reader present. Thankfully, some of their solutions to the issue are very workable and Google Reader being gone won't be so so terrible or awful when it happens officially come July.

As it is working out, two of the most popular alternatives are to start using Feedly or Bloglovin'. Both are free services (so far). And I will tell you (from my own experience) that I prefer Bloglovin' over Feedly if only for the visual presentation/organization of my blog subscriptions that number in the hundreds. Visually, Bloglovin' just seems a lot more similar to what I am used to in Google Reader. Another thing about Bloglovin' is that it allows you to "claim" your blog in their web-based system in order to better personalize your blogging reading experience and enable you to do some blog analytics within your Bloglovin' account. One last thing about it is the fact that you can migrate all of your blog subscriptions over when you start your account! So easy-peasy to make the jump from Google Reader, right?

I have already added a Bloglovin' button to my right sidebar ------------------------------------------------>
for your convenience and so long as you have a Bloglovin' account? You can simply hit that button much like staying connected through Google Friend connect (which I believe is also going away) or manually adding the url of this site to your Google Reader. And if you don't want to join Bloglovin' (or Feedly for that matter) because you don't want another account/log-in to have to manage, I understand and you can also just follow this blog via it being delivered directly to your email by entering your information at the top of the right sidebar where it says 'Follow by Email.'

Hope you all are doing well! We just got one of our biggest snows (which honestly isn't saying much) this year) despite the fact that it's supposed to be SPRING now.  Perhaps I will end up with a little more of a Spring Break if the weather keeps up like this.

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  1. I thought about going with Feedly at first. But then I checked out Bloglovin' and I'm going that direction too. :)


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