Friday, September 16, 2011

WiPs: reMarkable typography project

The 2D classes just finished their first project (pics of this are forthcoming) and today we jumped right into their next project: Macro-level fingerprints infused with lines of scripture.

I am SO excited about this project even though it's not my unique and original idea. A few months ago I saw it featured on (Great network to be a part of if you aren't! But if you want to be then let me know and I will gladly forward you an invite.) The original idea was to take the lines within the fingerprint and use lines of narrative text to tell the little bit of an autobiography but I felt like using lines of scripture would provide even greater meaning for the students.

Today was the first day of the project and we jumped right into it by literally getting our hands dirty and trying to get some good clean solid fingerprints...

I have already enlarged one class set of prints and I have even managed to streamline my workflow by knowing the exact proportions with regard to enlargements so the two more classes I have yet to do should be a cinch!


  1. SO cool!!! Are you scanning the fingerprints or did you take a digital pic?

  2. I am enlarging them on the photocopy machine. The process is the following: place them in the corner of the copy glass, englarge 300%, take the enlargement made from the copy and crop it by hand (I have just been folding the paper down), enlarge it again but to 150%-200%. I also play with the black/white contrast/exposure to make the grooves of the print a little more emphasized if need be.


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