Monday, March 14, 2011

Lesson idea: Visual Puns

This is not my lesson idea. It came from and it's called Pop Art Sculpture - Visual Puns.

Anyway, this was the major project that wrapped up last semester's 3D Design class. The students spent some time brainstorming puns and then we went through the process of figure out how they would be fabricated. I followed the instructions offered on the linked lesson plan (aforementioned).

Jumbo Shrimp
Shoo fly
World Peace (Peas, if you will)
Collie Flower (Cauliflower)

Star Fish

This was a fun project but I don't believe we will do this again because the sculptures were pretty big and will therefore be hard to display in the student gallery. (I'm still figuring out what we will do with them because I really do want to show them.) I'm thinking a spin on this idea could translate well to clay (I would use boneware which is the same stuff I used for the Cartoon bust sculptures) and the whimsical nature of the designs would definitely be fun for the kids. Also, the sculptures would be easier to show in the gallery.

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