Thursday, May 3, 2012

Da' Thug Jar = a must have for every teacher and classroom!

How it works:

Similar to a swear jar, for every reference to "thug life" the offending student must deposit ca$hmoney into the jar in order to finance a "ballin'" vacation for me (, son)

If this is not enough proof of how "salty" I am about the continued push (by the students) to bring a life of "thug"-gery into a classroom of ART (that would be otherwise refined and filled pleasantly with meaningful and thoughtful exchanges) then I don't know what is.

Based on my estimations, I might be able to swing TWO(!!!!!) cruise vacations with this "bad boy."

Me = (Like,) a million  
My classes of thugs students = ZERO


  1. Rachel - I can/have/did and I even got official permission. Just to clarify - this isn't something intended to be offensive (in any way) and is more to encourage the individuals in the classroom to be aware of the ways that they are NOT using language to be specifically and intentionally descriptive or explanatory with more specific language/words - rather than just defaulting to slang/language that is culturally defined in ways that are actually bad and shouldn't be permitted in the classroom. The learning objective is to teach them to explain themselves/their ideas/artwork in ways other than just calling it "swag" or "money" as is too often done. The students have actually taken to it very positively and understand that it isn't about me taking anything away from them but giving back to them. The way I see it, just because I teach visual art and ask the students to learn how to effectively communicate themselves in visual ways, doesn't mean that I they shouldn't also learn how to communicate more effectively verbally which, in turn, will encourage them to be better written communicator.

  2. Something else to note: The money collected doesn't actually go to line my pockets personally. That part is definitely presented in jest. The money will likely go into the art department fund or for an end of the year "treat" for ALL of the students that we will enjoy while having (what I expect to be) an interesting discussion and debate about what we learned from the exercise if anything at all.


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